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What is Web Design and why is it important?


Web design refers to a whole host of activities that lead to the creation and maintenance of a website, starting from conceptualization and going on to details such as text styles. It essentially determines the way your website looks. There are several different elements of web design including your website’s layout, color, graphics and font.


The two main important things to keep in mind regarding web design is that your website has to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate through. Good web design makes your site more attractive to viewers and makes it more likely for them to see your brand as credible.


How can Netbyz help me with Web Design?


Hiring a professional web designer, such as our experts at Netbyz, will allow you to do all this. Working with a team whose entire job is to design your website means you will be able to satisfy your site’s viewers, will do better in search engine rankings and will be able to create a website with no technical glitches.


What is Web Development and why is it important?


Web Development refers to the processes, such as coding or programming, that develop websites to be hosted by intranet or internet. This is the broader term that encompasses concepts such as web design, content creation etc, however professionals are usually referring to coding and programming only when they mention web development. It is thus the background work that goes into making a website functional. How websites function, how users can navigate through them and how they are able to utilize the site’s features is all determined by web design.


How can Netbyz help me with Web Development?


We design and develop full responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Laptops & Desktops Ready Websites). We are expert in mainstream open source platforms: PHP/ JavaScript/ MySQL/ HTML/ CSS/ WordPress/ Joomla/ Magento

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