Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ are increasingly popular tools that brands and retailers use to market themselves. Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of these tools to increase website traffic or gain attention for a brand. If you are a brand looking to market yourself, then you can utilize Netbyz’s SMM services to promote yourself.

SMM requires creating engaging content to post on your social media accounts that will promote your product and create a close relationship between your brand and your customers.  This content can either be content that you create yourself (including blogs you may have written, videos you make, etc.) and curated content (including posts you see on your social media feeds that are relevant to your brand).

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows you to listen closely to what your consumers are saying, by reading the content your followers share, responding to the messages they direct towards you and addressing the concerns they may have. Insights from your audience will allow your brand to improve your products and services, in turn increasing customer satisfaction.

Engaging on social media enables you to elicit greater loyalty from your customers. 53% of Americans were found to be more loyal to the brands they follow on social media, according to a Convince&Convert study.

More significantly, having a social media presence allows you to access a large audience that you can convert into loyal customers. When you post on your social media account, the post will be shared by other accounts and will reach their followers too. In addition, you can pay to attain greater post reach on some sites, such as Facebook.

And finally, Social Media Marketing is much cheaper than other traditional forms of marketing and brings greater returns. So you can cut down on your marketing budget while simultaneously gaining greater benefits from your marketing efforts.

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